New Orleans Cruise Ship Parking

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Calculate the hidden cost of parking at a hotel
Some hotels will offer you reduced rates for cruise ship parking if you stay a night at their hotel. At first glance this may look like an attractive offer, however, keep in mind the following points:

-None of the hotels offer a Roundtrip shuttle. To get back to your hotel you will have to take a Taxi.  Taxis charge a fixed rate of $7 per person, with a $10 minimum, from the cruise terminal to a downtown hotel. The wait for a Taxi can take up to an hour.

-Some hotels offer no transportation.  You will have to pay for a Taxi each way at the rates mentioned above.

-Parking at a hotel that is outside Downtown New Orleans, may seem cheap at first until you realize that Taxis can charge you as much as $13 per person to transfer your family to the cruise terminal.

-Many hotels outside Downtown New Orleans do not have sheltered parking.

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